Tara Jeffrey
Certified Pilates Instructor
Fitness Trainer

University of San Francisco, BS Nursing

Certified Pilates Instructor

Body Arts and Sciences International
Certification (BASI)

Deep Tissue Massage Therapist


Angie Bogner
Certified Pilates Instructor
Fitness Trainer

Ellie Herman Studios

Pilates and Beyond at Bay Cub of
San Francisco

Personal Training Certifications with

Anne McMahon
Certified Pilates Instructor

2011 Body Arts & Science International
Pilates Certification Program

2013 Foundation Training
Certification Program

Current CPR Certificate

Tara Jeffery, RN has been practicing Pilates since 1999, and teaching since 2002. She is certified with Body Arts and Sciences International, (BASI) and is constantly participating in continuing education, to deepen her knowledge of movement and training.

She was a deep tissue massage therapist for 20 years, and a nutritionist for the past ten years.

Tara studies from other disciplines, and integrates them into her practice, finding the best way to personalize a plan for each client.

She holds a bachelor's degree in Nursing from the University of San Francisco. Tara views all physical training as having benefits, and works to augment the goals of her clients.

Angie’s love affair with Pilates began in 2001 in San Francisco, where she worked as a massage therapist and Yoga instructor in health clubs. She noticed that the few Pilates classes were booming, and due to her fascination with more meditative forms of exercise, she signed up for private sessions at the Ellie Herman Studios.  Almost immediately she felt the profound effect in her other activities: dance, massage, yoga and biking the hills of San Francisco. Though she had heard terms like “economy of movement” and “moving from the core”, she finally understood what these concepts physically felt like. She knew that Pilates would be a lifelong practice and completed her teachers training at the Ellie Herman Studios in 2002, thus becoming one of a handful of certified instructors in San Francisco at that time.

Angie’s fascination with fitness did not stop at Pilates, and she discovered strength training when a nagging knee injury led her to one of San Francisco's most experienced personal trainers. At this point in time, Angie dismissed gym workouts and believed that many injuries could be addressed with Pilates and Yoga. However, she soon discovered the power of functional fitness and thus avoided knee surgery. This experience inspired her to become a NASM certified personal trainer and to further branch out to Corrective Exercise and Senior Fitness.

Angie's diverse background in bodywork, dance, yoga, running, and extensive training makes her uniquely qualified to work with people of all ages and fitness levels.  These include athletes, older adults, and individuals healing from illnesses and/or injuries.  Angie has learned to discern fact from fiction, thus distilling the most useful types of exercise into an integrative method that is practical, effective and fun.


Anne owned a “Made in the USA” merchandising company for over 15 years, which primarily served the surf and music industries. When the economy took a turn and many factories closed, Anne started looking to find some other type of work. Hindered by back injuries, Anne found Pilates for relief and strength. Wanting everyone to feel what she felt, Anne decided to take the Body Arts & Science International Pilates certificate program in 2011. She has loved it ever since.

While experiencing many new modalities of training, Anne was exposed to Foundation training and knew it was something big. Anne took the Foundation Training certification in late 2013. It has made such a big impact in all aspects of her teaching and her own body.

When not at the studio, you can find Anne at the beach, hiking, and enjoying yoga to name a few favorites. Having a love for food and wine, you may often find her in the kitchen or studying wine.

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